Thursday, April 2, 2009

Between Mind & Heart – Profession, Life & Love!

Alrite….. guyz do excuse me for this long gap for quite some time…. Yarr, am too part of that triangle I defined it for one’s life (my last post) & now my Profession needs me more than my life/ or love!! Hahahaha

But why am writing today? May be I realized logic of Time = 0 only today after the end of damn hectic March 2009 post my major illness……
Logic: Time = 0 ??????? Alrite….. lets take a cue from life…… n going towards KARMA…….I must say ‘Life is an integral/inseparable part as a base to any KARMA & it is quantified by Time (Given/Spent on anything & everything). ’ &
Now take a cue from Mathematics……. I believe ‘Zero (0) is a base to any number system for extrapolation.’’
Hmm this is going haywire…… Mathematics & Philosophy…. (ya I know experts in both subjects individually are considered as Mad people by ordinary citizens of this democratic republic mahaan country…) but lets continue…. If we compare both statements citerous-paribus to understand KARMA, It just boils down to Time = 0 !!
Iska matlab simple hai….. If you want to have at least some KARMA to your credit……. Now is the Time (to do it !!!!!!! ) ! In aXYKno Caps, we also say Quadra A to this logic (rite guyz ??) It means…. (Ye Assignment completion) Aaj k Aaj Abhi k Abhi (Chahiye) Now I can see my colleagues from aXYKno Caps coming to terms with all this….. I have written above…..

Alrite, now Time = 0 is relevant, true, a definitive success mantra…… but what do we do when there is conflict between Mind & Heart?
When profession is involved, Mind & Heart will be at loggerheads….. at least in majority if not always.

Just to put it in perspective….You don’t want to do a certain assignment by heart but your mind just pushes you for its execution for some compelling reasons….. You want to support an upcoming entrepreneur for his business activities by heart….. But u cant because your mind says dear it doesn’t fit into your professional time cost benefit analysis!!

Someone has rightly said that God has deliberately created to power centre in the form of Mind & Heart in Humans…. You are successful in Profession, Life & Love only and only if Your brain & heart takes control of situation over the other at right time & in right quantum.

For your Profession …. Mind has to dominate your Heart… You’ve got to be ruthless when it comes to your professional survival instinct. You cant be legitimate there else you would be squared off !!

For your Life …. Mind & Heart has to work hand in glove…. Else… you have all the emotional atyachaar your way mind it !!!

For your Love…. Heart has to dominate your mind…. You can never enter an aura of love, if you try to be too much judgmental & calculative. But definitely the skirmish, the tussle between mind & heart will confuse at times to take decision leave apart a correct decision. Especially, mind does have EGO, CRITICISM to fire at Heart’s EMOTIONS, COMPASSION etc!!! To manage all this, you have to look at every situation from 3Dimensional angle.. Understand contentions of either & take a pragmatic view instead of giving a knee-jerk reaction. Identify reconciliatory steps and start walking without ego. Let the person also be communicated about the initiative you have taken. You cant lose sight of 2 main pillars the very basis of relation, Faith & Respect between & for each other. At any time u have to stand on these pillars. You would realize that Mind and Heart do have consensus on most of the issues. Just take a final view and give your best shot at.

But at the end of the day, all this is realized only after passage of time.
& Time is the best teacher…. Best medicine n Best friend !!
Time teaches us a lot, but over the period of time. We realize it one fine day that some relation could have been saved, just because of some lack of coordination between the two hearts, two minds & between mind & heart !Guyz, Life’s Just Like that !!!

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