Thursday, April 2, 2009

Between Mind & Heart – Profession, Life & Love!

Alrite….. guyz do excuse me for this long gap for quite some time…. Yarr, am too part of that triangle I defined it for one’s life (my last post) & now my Profession needs me more than my life/ or love!! Hahahaha

But why am writing today? May be I realized logic of Time = 0 only today after the end of damn hectic March 2009 post my major illness……
Logic: Time = 0 ??????? Alrite….. lets take a cue from life…… n going towards KARMA…….I must say ‘Life is an integral/inseparable part as a base to any KARMA & it is quantified by Time (Given/Spent on anything & everything). ’ &
Now take a cue from Mathematics……. I believe ‘Zero (0) is a base to any number system for extrapolation.’’
Hmm this is going haywire…… Mathematics & Philosophy…. (ya I know experts in both subjects individually are considered as Mad people by ordinary citizens of this democratic republic mahaan country…) but lets continue…. If we compare both statements citerous-paribus to understand KARMA, It just boils down to Time = 0 !!
Iska matlab simple hai….. If you want to have at least some KARMA to your credit……. Now is the Time (to do it !!!!!!! ) ! In aXYKno Caps, we also say Quadra A to this logic (rite guyz ??) It means…. (Ye Assignment completion) Aaj k Aaj Abhi k Abhi (Chahiye) Now I can see my colleagues from aXYKno Caps coming to terms with all this….. I have written above…..

Alrite, now Time = 0 is relevant, true, a definitive success mantra…… but what do we do when there is conflict between Mind & Heart?
When profession is involved, Mind & Heart will be at loggerheads….. at least in majority if not always.

Just to put it in perspective….You don’t want to do a certain assignment by heart but your mind just pushes you for its execution for some compelling reasons….. You want to support an upcoming entrepreneur for his business activities by heart….. But u cant because your mind says dear it doesn’t fit into your professional time cost benefit analysis!!

Someone has rightly said that God has deliberately created to power centre in the form of Mind & Heart in Humans…. You are successful in Profession, Life & Love only and only if Your brain & heart takes control of situation over the other at right time & in right quantum.

For your Profession …. Mind has to dominate your Heart… You’ve got to be ruthless when it comes to your professional survival instinct. You cant be legitimate there else you would be squared off !!

For your Life …. Mind & Heart has to work hand in glove…. Else… you have all the emotional atyachaar your way mind it !!!

For your Love…. Heart has to dominate your mind…. You can never enter an aura of love, if you try to be too much judgmental & calculative. But definitely the skirmish, the tussle between mind & heart will confuse at times to take decision leave apart a correct decision. Especially, mind does have EGO, CRITICISM to fire at Heart’s EMOTIONS, COMPASSION etc!!! To manage all this, you have to look at every situation from 3Dimensional angle.. Understand contentions of either & take a pragmatic view instead of giving a knee-jerk reaction. Identify reconciliatory steps and start walking without ego. Let the person also be communicated about the initiative you have taken. You cant lose sight of 2 main pillars the very basis of relation, Faith & Respect between & for each other. At any time u have to stand on these pillars. You would realize that Mind and Heart do have consensus on most of the issues. Just take a final view and give your best shot at.

But at the end of the day, all this is realized only after passage of time.
& Time is the best teacher…. Best medicine n Best friend !!
Time teaches us a lot, but over the period of time. We realize it one fine day that some relation could have been saved, just because of some lack of coordination between the two hearts, two minds & between mind & heart !Guyz, Life’s Just Like that !!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Telepathy, Triangle & Life

Ok…. Whn u were young….. parents sent u to school…. made u study, do the homework on time…. Made u get good marks in exams…. build the foundation of ur lives….. then u grew up….. then came college days…. First crush…. then second then third & so on ……. Even before u could identify whats gonna be ur Profession…. Love life was as if waiting to Rock ur lives…. In some ppl' cases it really rocked…. & in some it rocked that very person!!!!

When life is not manageable…. Love would always make entry in grand fashion…. does that disturbs life ??? I guess, not ‘disturb’ but it certainly changes the parameters of life…. waise si sab ulta pulta hua hota hai...... u find love is the only way out of it & u dont need any reason to fall in love, do u ? haha

Suddenly QSQT mode rakes up & dil sings akele hai to kya gum hai, chahe to humare bas mai kya nahi….bas ek jara saath ho tera…. Suddenly u wanna take extreme step & since its not a movie but one’s life….. Some sensible person diffuse this entire issue & once again life moves in the direction of managing the profession….. Love is on hold…. Just for some time hahaha…. If ur profession is managed during this cool off time…. Then u can look forward to go ahead else….. the girl/boy whatever the case is, will always sing 'tere to hai hum kabse sanam' for som1 else…. & then keep all those feelings for your lifetime..... just as it is.

U can’t kill that feeling, at the most u can keep it locked for years together, avoid discussing it……… pretend to forget it….. or u get busy in so many other things that u actually lose sight of that feeling. But whenever u recall….. whenever u r in nostalgic mode……… u can realize u miss out ur heartbeat rhythm for a moment…. & that’s very natural. That’s the sign of true feelings. That’s the sign of commitment from ur side…. & u should be proud of those feelings whenever they hit ur thoughts…. U are amongst those lucky person in the world who could realize what true love feeling is all about ! & believe me ur thought too would come in mind of the person u r thinking about at that very moment! Yes, it has to….. when that feeling can make u miss your heart beat….. it can surely at least reach that person ! Otherwise the law of balanced feelings is contradicted (Law -: For every genuine remembrance of a person or an incident….. there is the same person same time who is remembering the person who is genuinely remembering him or an incident although may be with less or much more intensity!) This law is very much true….. its just that u have to come out with those strong feelings & develop a bond with that person to realize this. This is also called as Telepathy by normal mankind who live nearby super humans like u & me !.
& yess during this entire exercise u have to manage your profession, your personal life as well. rather u need to justify on both the fronts.... & that too successfully.

If u could realize from above….. there are three main aspects for any person…..
His/her life, his/her profession & his/her love. These three become the 3 vertices of a Triangle within which u move throughout your lifetime.
But at any point of time u can be incharge of only two vertices…. U r unjust with the third vertex, always. Its not easy to live 3 dimensional life.
Either u can live ur life by keeping love as your priority or u can live your life by keeping profession as ur priority & love takes the backsit.
Either u can live ur Profession and make a life out of it or u just love your profession & then life goes for a toss
or u can simply prioritize love & live ur life peacefully i.e. a happy family life as they say.
Whats the best way ? well….. at least its good that we have realized this is what we are upto…. Now its personal call as to what to do ….

I would say for any option u choose u are losing something very essential & important part of ur life…….. but dear life’s just like that !!!!!
cya wit som other imp aspect of life next time.....
~ The One

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Life of a Feeling & Feelings in Life

alrite.... am told that my first expression which just touched about life & feelings was a senti stuff.... well.... we say somthng is 'senti' only whn it shakes our foundations of being 'practical' in our life.... that it doesnt matter that much.... hmmm... a kinda shell in which we all hide so many things frm one & all. in fact, we r so used to being 'practical' that we ourself forget our true feelings.... for/towards anything or anyone ......
& realy, i've found ppl hiding there most pious feelings frm their near & dear ones !!!! ye kaisi practical life..... ???? have a respect for ur feelings .... be honest to them.... but am not asking to get carried away with them. it shd hv that practical touch... given todays circumstances.....
u have to make other person understand about ur pious feelings.... see the success rate ! :)

there is a song i like : "jab kisi ki taraf dil jhukne lage...." etc tht poet has given some variables wherein if u fit into them he asks u to immediately b honest to that by ....."bol do gar tumhe pyar hone lage" further "aandhiyo ko dabane se kya faida, pyar dil me chupane se kya faida..." it says the same thing.... bas mai plain language mai bola (12 years before) aur wo poet hai ghuma kar bola ... & evry1 thot haa yaar sahi bola !

ppl never realise burden of carrying a feeling just as it is throughout the life.... it will always reflect from any of their new associations.. some comparisons some analysis etc.. it leaves a kinda dent onto ur thinking process.... it makes u bias at times......
contrary to that.... if u r explicit.... & expressive... ur burden is over.... u have done ur job....
ab agla tension mai rahega.... thinking 'haa' bolu ya 'naa' ab uske taraf se pending .... over which u dont hv direct control. wo ek lottary hai.......... if it works out in your favor.... u've won ur life by sharing that feeling at right time with right magnitude.... & if it fails.... still u can conclude that life of that feeling was too less to take into consideration !!!!
& definitely, all feelings in life cant be related with a feeling of love. no doubt. All kind of feelings which we gather in our life have a root and a destination.... we have to identify the root and take that feeling to its desired destination... as simple as that....
if we follow this simple logic.... no wonder life becomes a bunch of very good feelings & feelings in life drive the person to his destination........ yes ! life's like that !!
vl catch up next time with another angle to feelings next time !!!!!!!!
~ The One

Life's Like That !

when u login early morning in ur office & plan to finish off some of the work pending for a while...... u immediately get a call..... u need to attend this professional meeting urgently ! & everything just changes ..... u just had it everything.....
Even in one's personal life..... we face same thing... my close buddy today forwarded me a message which said alot. It read:
We never get what we want, we never have what we like.......
We never like what we have........
Still, we LOVE, we LIVE
Still we hope that someday we will get what we LOVE and love what we HAVE !!!
thats life !! just live it !!

& none the less if we ponder too much on senti stuff like this............... write off our precious half hour thinking what we love/ what we have entire system goes for a toss..... u gotto restart ur system once again..... & to add more trouble to it.... if u r listening to a soft romantic dedicated song ( like the original BIN TERE SANAM MAR MITENGE HUM AA MERI JINDAGI) while u r thinking............. mann u had it at least for 2 hours flat !! aur agar usme professional deliverables ho to fir to worst time has just begun....................

They say "sab sahenge hum aur hasenge hum, aa meri jindagi............." but dear considering all this...... its not that easy...... rite ?

Arey, rather firstly check whether the lady is ready to sing "aana hi pada sajana.... jalim hai dil ki lagi...." if not yet......... forget it....
beta u hv to go long way before u face this kinda Air Pocket in LOVE !!!!

seeing all these.... i thot cant we think of living a programmed life...... somthing like we do in our profession..... just templatising entire things..... like only 3 close friends...... 5 general friends..... 2 close relatives......... 1 or 2 bf/gf's whtever the case is .............. life will be pretty planned.... hai na ?

but its again difficult........ how do u know who fits in which class........ u have to be with them to know that.......... back to square one ! get urself aligned then get attached to som1 close....... then next then next........ entire chain of cycle.....

u know something..... i believe that u cant program or plan ur feelings........ they are ur very own...... neither can u control them nor can u control others..........
love is different. absolutely different.
U can plan ur professional life to an extent, but its very difficult to plan ur personal love life here ....
u know life's just like that........... Still we hope that someday we will get what we LOVE and love what we HAVE... again back to square one
cya with more funda on love next time !

~ The One !